Roar is renown for his numerous musical campaigns around Europe as
a soloist as well as a band member. Whether or not You've already met him, his
welcoming and straight forward renditions of timeless classics are sure to
make You feel right at home.

"I used to travel around Europe playing at every bar, party, or community
house I passed on my way", remembers Roar. "Those days were a lot of fun,
and I was always met by a heartwarming hospitality wherever I came."

Nowadays  Roar generally sticks to his native Copenhagen, where his often
seen performing in local bars. "I love the music, and that's what I have to do,
to keep myself  satisfied. I've always been driven by an urge to entertain my
listernes, and I find that the best way is to make a coctail of well stirred
songs with a dash of humor."           phone +45 40107570